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Our Mission

Our work addresses the lack of community, well-being, and economic opportunities for women of color in the tech industry.


According to Harvard Business Review, 66% of black women feel psychologically unsafe at work. Project Black Girl’s mission is to create a safe and equitable workforce for WOC in tech by providing resources designed to dismantle racial and gender discrimination.

Our Founder Story

After just eight months with an Edtech startup, she was fired two weeks after filing harassment and discrimination claims.

This experience led her to create

Project Black Girl.  Kera's vision is clear: to ensure women of color have equal access to financial health, well-being, and career fulfillment.


Kera Moné, Founder 

Our Approach

We believe diversity is the catalyst for innovation in culture and technology. By building safe spaces for women of color to connect and share their experiences we are building a community of empowered women. With the help of our partners we can begin to dismantle the barriers women of color face in the pursuit of economic equality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help 10,000 women of color break into tech and grow into senior-level roles by 2035. Together, we will overcome gender barriers, dismantle discriminatory hiring practices, and create psychological safety for women of color in tech.

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